AVENUE GATES was formed 1990 ,we took a good look at the gate market  in the area and realised there was need which was not being catered for, Quality Wrought Iron or Hardwood Gates, we now have an army of customers who have chosen AVENUE GATES  for Quality and Service..

Most of the them wanted a simple solution to their needs for a gate system designed specifically for them in mind as opposed to the ready made up gates found locally at gate DIY outlets and local gate shops who offer only stock sizes and  catalogue gates which  have limited scope  which if steel  are seldom  galvanised and quickly rust and if timber they usually come un treated and soon rot away ..

What was found when examining the market was that  many fine houses even in good areas have gates that are either flimsy insecure rusty steel shop gates or in most cases timber gates that have cracked warped  sagged  and rotted, and gates that are not much more than fence panels, there fore AVENUE GATES set out to offer quality bespoke gates to customers requirements as can be seen in the many examples shown, some are simple in design yet being robust others are made to suit various situations be it schools where Safety, Low Maintenance, Durability and Cost is a factor ,to extra wide caravan park gates where Security and Strength may be a concern..

Traditional Oak Gates for larger Installations such as farm and estate  entrances. to simply attractive looking bespoke gates for that special property, are all catered for, that does not mean we leave out simple application such as new gates and railings for terraced houses in fact we can rebuild or reinstate Victorian Walls and Piers and complement with  new gates and railings. See pics

What ever your requirements may be we will be happy to visit you with no obligation and  discuss your  ideas and offer suggestions, and in most cases give you a FREE QUOTE at the same time.